Saturday, September 3, 2011

Family Sleepover

Last weekend, we had a "family sleepover" with the Lewis'. (Lewis's? never sure on how to do that for someone's last name that ends with S." Robin (Connor's godmother), Kyle, and Douglas had us over for pizza, kiddy playtime, kiddy sleepytime, adult playtime, and adult sleepytime. We had so much fun! They live just a few minutes from us, and have plenty of bedrooms in their house, so we get the kids to bed and then get some good times in without having to worry about getting a sitter.

Unfortunately, Isabelle was a bit under the weather with a runny nose, and I was starting to get a bit sick. But we all had a great time---and from the pics you will see that to be true! Only a couple of days after this, Isabelle came down with pink eye, and the cold and pink eye are things she was kind enough to share with the rest of our little family, and also Douglas. Sorry, Dougie!!!

Here are the buddies once we got there, sharing some chips (1st chance that she infected Douglas).

Ready for our pizza party!

Kyle and Douglas enjoying some Papa Murphy's pizza!

Dance party in the living room. I think Kyle put on the version of Don't Stop Believin' from Glee.

Isabelle giving Douglas one of her bear hugs that none of her friends seem to like. I'm pretty sure this is when she gave him the pink eye. :-)

Dancing to the crazy Elmo doll!

Brushing teeth before bath time! Isabelle and Douglas were sharing the stool.

Bath time! They had so much fun splashing and acting silly, dunking their heads under water and blowing bubbles.

After bath we let them play for a little bit before it was time for stories.

Douglas shared his books with Isabelle. She listened very attentively as he read to her. Yeah right!

"Hey, honey, hope you are enjoying your beer while we wrangle these crazy toddlers!"

Isabelle and Douglas snuggled for a bit before it was time to retire to their separate quarters.

Night night RaRa! Love you so much!

Nightie night to my precious Godson!!!

"Seriously, Isabelle, I really don't want your crazy hugs."

Daddy came up to read some books with Isabelle before she went to bed.

"Mommy, might I be getting to big for the pack n play? Or my sleep sack?" Mommy says no way!!!

Little Connor is always to happy to go to bed. I love that about him!!!!! :-)

In the morning, Douglas was very excited to play with the kitchen his mommy got for him at the big kiddie consignment sale the day before. He was also sporting the cowboy boots that will be part of his Halloween costume.

Breakfast time! Biscuits and fruit. These two love sharing meals together. Isabelle also handed Douglas her cup which he gladly drank from, which I'm sure is when he contracted her cold. :-)

After breakfast, we went to the neighborhood splash park. These days it's only comfortable enough outside to do things like this in morning. Isabelle was so excited because it's pretty much her favorite place ever!

Their buddy Madeline came to join them on the playground.

After the kids went to bed, we hung out and talked, ate some ice cream, and watched some House Hunters. It was wild and crazy, just the way we liked it. I really treasure moments like this when we can catch up with friends without being interrupted every 5 seconds!

What a fun event this was! Many thanks to our hosts for a good time. Robin and Kyle are expecting baby #2 in January, but thanks to their many bedrooms we will continue our family sleepovers for years to come! This fall we are looking forward to going to the state fair, the Dallas Aquarium, and the Plano Hot Air Balloon festival with our wonderful friends Robin, Kyle, and Douglas.