Sunday, January 24, 2010

Adventures in Baby Food!

On Christmas Day, Isabelle began her adventure into solid foods. We started with rice cereal. Here she is getting her first taste. Looking back on it, her first batch was pretty gross--I made it way to thick and it was cold. But once I thinned it out and warmed it up, she loved it! She also loves baby oatmeal. It is much smoother than the rice.

After a couple of weeks of cereal, I began making her some fruits and veggies. I love to cook, so this was a great opportunity to try something new--baby purees. First was pears. For the pears, I peeled and chopped a few up, and then microwaved them for three minutes. After a couple of minutes in the food processor, we had pears! Super easy, and they were yummy! I portioned them into ice cube trays and freezed it. To heat it up, I get out a cube and put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Here are the pears.

Next came carrots. I got this 5 pound bag of organic carrots at Costco for $4.99!!! It made about 80 1 ounce portions. Considering that two ounce cans of baby carrots cost anywhere from 50 cents to $1.00, making my own saved us a bundle--because this girl loves her some carrots!

Mmmmm...carrots...actually, she tends to not be very messy when she eats, so I had to smear them all over her mouth and chin to get this picture!

Applesauce...yum! I got an 8 pound bag of organic apples at Costco for $8.00, and got about 75 portions of applesauce. Apples were a bit more work than the pears, but the end product made it worth it! She gets apples and pears each morning with some oatmeal cereal mixed in. There is not ever a drop left in the bowl!

So the next step was to venture into green foods. Green beans were a bit of a hassle...I had to press the puree through a strainer to get the hard bits of skin out...

...and after all the work, this was her reaction. Gross, Mom!!! I have figured out that if I mix the green beans in with some carrots and rice cereal, she'll eat them. But by itself? No way--she has had the same reaction to avocado and peas.

Since Isabelle is getting to be such a big girl, we decided to try out the high chair at On The Border. Don't be fooled though--she was rigged up with blankets and pillows to get her sitting securely. She was enamored by the waiter which kept her entertained! Brendan remembered seeing my sister give her baby water through a straw once, so we tried it out. I'd put some water in the end tip of the straw and pour it into her mouth. She loved it!

Here is Isabelle's best buddy Luke getting some peaches at one of our playdates. He is so darn cute I can't stand it!!!

Brendan loves being the one to feed Isabelle.

Today I made sweet potatoes and she tried them for the first time. Being that they are NOT green, she obviously loved them. :-)

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