Friday, February 19, 2010

Grandma's Visit

Here are some photos from late January/early February.

Such a wonderful present! Miss Isabelle!

We are at my Godson Douglas's baptism here at Robin and Kyle's house. With only the three of us at home, we rarely get a photo with all three of us in it!

She just started sitting up really well, so I had to snap a photo of her in this precious one piece lace outfit.

Oh, how Grandma Seal would make her laugh! Here, my mom is saying the word "Squeaking!" over and over again in a high voice. I tried and she just stared at me blankly.

Our big snowstorm! We have learned that Isabelle is not a fan of the snow. God I hope she is a pool girl like me in the summer!

My mom built this snowman. Hershey Kisses for eyes, and wooden spoons for arms. :-)

I had to wake Isabelle from her nap one day so that we could leave for church, so I took the chance to snap a pic of her sleeping. We are still working on her naps, some days are better than others, but she does love her crib and her little lavendar bear blankie that she is holding on to here.

Grandma's visit meant lots of new toys, and lots of playtime! Isabelle is not a big mover, she just sits in the corner of the couch and plays. This is good for me since I'm not having to chase after her yet!

Grandma took over meal duty while here. Isabelle loved it!
Here she is with her hero--aka Daddy!

I can't get enough pics of her sitting. I think it is so precious!

Valentine's Day Baby Party

On February 13th, I hosted a Valentine's Day baby party for my mommy friends! Many of us had gotten together for a pregnancy party last summer, and now it was time to celebrate with the babies. 9 ladies were able to attend, plus me, so that makes 11 babies! (Tori in the bottom right corner is the mommy of twins, which upped our baby count!) Here we are in a group photo. Landon was the oldest at 10 months, and Ryan was the youngest at 7 weeks.

I laid out a nice spread of food with the help of my mom who was visiting from Chicago. We had pinwheels, fruit, cream cheese spread, sausage balls, and cherry tomatoes filled with chicken salad and avocado. We also had some pink punch (not spiked though, darnit!).

Here are me and my mom in front of the beautiful Valentine's cake. It just wouldn't be a party without cake!

My friend Melissa is a baby photographer. She set up upstairs in the game room and did photo shoots with each of the babies. Here is Luke striking a pose!

I am very blessed to have wonderful friends. Becky (left) and Robin both asked me to be their baby's godmother. I was so honored and in the last few weeks was able to be at both of their baptisms. Here I am taking a pic with Annie and Douglas, my Christian children (as Robin likes to say!).

Here is my godson Douglas giving me a very serious look.

With so many babies in the house, it made me think of the Octomom and how CRAZY her house must be! A baby was always needing to be fed, changed, put down for a nap, etc. But each of these mommies has taken to motherhood so well! We all love our little bundles of joy and had fun talking about it for the afternoon. Here are me, Robin with Douglas, Christine with Chase (standing in back), and Jennifer with Everett and Jenna with Ryan (sitting).

I am so lucky to have a neighbor right down the street who also has a little one! Christine and I got to take lots of walks together when the weather was warmer, and are looking forward to starting again soon once this cold stuff moves out of here.

Annabelle and Isabelle are sure to be great friends as they grow up!!! Their daddies have been friends since kindergarden, and we are super excited to be raising kids at the same time.

Kate just couldn't take it anymore. She had to take a nap! Her twin sister Ellie was sleeping on the couch!

Another group shot: from left to right. Robin/Douglas, Rachel/Landon, Jennifer/Everett, and Becky/Annabelle. Lots of new friendships were made!

Here are Rachel and I with Landon and Isabelle. I met Rachel at Brendan's work holiday dinner. Our husbands both work in the same area at Texas Health Hospital in Dallas. We randomly sat next to each other and learned how much we had in common!

We got to spend alot of time just hanging out with the babies. It was alot of fun! There were no meltdowns or catastrophies to mention. Just babies and mommies having a great day!