Friday, February 19, 2010

Grandma's Visit

Here are some photos from late January/early February.

Such a wonderful present! Miss Isabelle!

We are at my Godson Douglas's baptism here at Robin and Kyle's house. With only the three of us at home, we rarely get a photo with all three of us in it!

She just started sitting up really well, so I had to snap a photo of her in this precious one piece lace outfit.

Oh, how Grandma Seal would make her laugh! Here, my mom is saying the word "Squeaking!" over and over again in a high voice. I tried and she just stared at me blankly.

Our big snowstorm! We have learned that Isabelle is not a fan of the snow. God I hope she is a pool girl like me in the summer!

My mom built this snowman. Hershey Kisses for eyes, and wooden spoons for arms. :-)

I had to wake Isabelle from her nap one day so that we could leave for church, so I took the chance to snap a pic of her sleeping. We are still working on her naps, some days are better than others, but she does love her crib and her little lavendar bear blankie that she is holding on to here.

Grandma's visit meant lots of new toys, and lots of playtime! Isabelle is not a big mover, she just sits in the corner of the couch and plays. This is good for me since I'm not having to chase after her yet!

Grandma took over meal duty while here. Isabelle loved it!
Here she is with her hero--aka Daddy!

I can't get enough pics of her sitting. I think it is so precious!

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