Thursday, April 29, 2010

April Was Awesome!

April has been a pretty good month! Isabelle went through a really rough patch for a couple of weeks--fussiness, fevers, runny nose, etc, and the doctor attributes it all to teething. But do I see any new teeth???? No! Just those two bottom boys are hanging out. She is still a content sitter of a baby. No attempts to crawl or move around, but loves to sit pretty and play with her toys. Great for me, since I can still go about my day while she sits in one spot. I know these days are numbered, though...

One cool development is her eating. She still gets 4 bottles a day and baby purees that I make, but she is eating more and more table food! Although, she still will not put food in her mouth herself so I have to do it for her. She has had grilled cheese, tortilla soup, 3 types of fish, meatballs, pasta, broccolli, steak, chicken, baked potatoes, sweet potato fries, pizza, cheese, refried beans, turkey, ham, oranges (she loves oranges!), and yes, ice cream. I have gone to Paciugo (Italian ice cream shop) with her twice, and have given her little tastes. I can tell she is going to love the treats!

Here are some pics from the month.

Isabelle is taking her first Kindermusik class with best buddy Luke. Here they are shaking their rice filled eggs together. Kindermusik has been such a blessing--we get to go once a week and sing songs and play with other mommies/babies. It's great!

Our neighborhood had an Easter festival, and the Big Bunny himself was there. Best of all, pics with him were FREE!!!! Hooray!

Isabelle has become enamored with Libby. Libby is a constant source of entertainment for her. She now pets her gently and laughs every time she sees her. Libby is now part of our night night routine. As Brendan rocks Isabelle singing Rock-A-Bye-Baby, I hold Libby like a baby and sing to her and Isabelle gets a big kick out of it.

We took her to the Dallas zoo (Brendan and I had never been) and here she is ready for her big adventure.

I found this horned toad bench outside the reptile exhibit and had to get a Go Frogs! pic in with Isabelle. If I ever get around to it I'll send it in to the TCU Alum magazine to annouce her birth (whoops, haven't done that yet!).

Easter was a fun day. We spent the day in Coriscana with Brendan's family, and Isabelle got to wear a fancy dress in her "signature color" lavendar.

Here she is with Brendan and Poppy. She loves loves loves his mustache!

Isabelle got to meet her cousin Kiera for the first time.

We went to a neighborhood brunch, and I finally got to put this polka dot dress on her! When I was just pregnant, I was visiting my mom in Chicago, and we saw this dress in Marshall's and fell in love with it. I didn't know what I was having yet, so I didn't get it. A couple of weeks later we found out it was a girl, and the first thing did was call my mom and say, "GO GET THE DRESS!!! WE'RE HAVING A GIRL!!!" They only had a 9 month size, so it took a while before she could fit in it.

If anyone was considering a stuffed animal as a gift for Isabelle, please hold off. :-) Sometimes I set out some of her animals while she is playing to see which ones she will go for first, and this day I decided to get them all out and set her in the middle. Her favorite??? The baby doll on the far right.

While visiting Brendan's parents, he put her on this little tricycle and wheeled her around, and she loved it. His mom sent it home with us as a "loaner," and both times we have put her on it, it has ended in disaster. Non-injury falls, but disasters none the less. As hard as we try to keep her on it, it just doesn't work. Yes, we are stupid for putting a 9 month old on a tricyle. We will now be returning it to grandma for use at a later time!

Isabelle began sleeping on her tummy this month. This is fine, but two things occur when she flips over and does not move for the next 12 hours. 1. The runny nose that will not go away becomes crusted ALL OVER her face and the bed sheet, and 2. She wakes up wet from her tummy to her chest because of her diaper leaking! So what does this mean? Bath time in the sink after breakfast! She loves it, and has so much fun splashing and playing in the water. (God, I can't wait to get this girl in a pool!)

Grandma Seal gave us this bath robe before she was born, and this was the first time we used it since bathtime at night involves wrangling her in a towel as she screams from being removed from the tub. I can't imagine putting a robe on her then! So, after our sink baths we get all cozy in the robe. And it sure is cute!!!

Isabelle loves her Dada. We talk about Dada ALL DAY long still! She had a week when she said Mama alot, but we are back to Dadadada. And Brendan is totally in love with her! He can make her laugh like no one else can.

She's not pulling up on anything yet, but when you stand her in front of something she holds on for a good 2 seconds and then falls. But this picture sure gives you the impression that she can stand. :-) This is at Luke's house, and he can book it across the room on this thing! I can't believe two babies that are 6 days apart are so different!

We can't wait to see what May brings! Swimming, maybe some more words and teeth, and even some crawling perhaps???

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