Friday, August 3, 2012

Dinosaur Walk

 I just started making my January-June 2012 photo book online and came across these pictures.  I had to blog about them because they are so sweet and special!  In January, Brendan and I took Isabelle to the Heard Museum in McKinney for a dinosaur walk with her buddy Douglas and his mommy and daddy.  They have since moved to Thailand for two years, and my heartstrings are pulled every time I see pics of my sweet friends who we miss SO much!  

If you've never been to the Heard Museum for Dinosaurs LIVE! then you must try it out this year.  Here is the link:

It's a nature preserve/old school science museum.  There are tons of trails to explore, and once a year they set up animatronic dinosaurs on a path.  Very cool!  Here was what we experienced:

Douglas had to take a ride on the mini dinosaur.  

They were pretty excited at this first one...too excited to be scared at this point.  The fear is coming.

Friends holding hands on the trail..tear, sob, cry, boo hoo for us missing Dougie

Hmmm...not so sure about this life-like long necked creature.

Don't let go of me Douglas!  This brontosaurus is crazy looking!!!

My sweet girl.  Love this face.

Again, no so sure what to think of the dinos. 

Fun times riding on this guy!

Just a few weeks before baby Reed was born.  T-Rex might chomp all their heads off if they don't watch out!

There is a small zoo with cute animals--monkeys, deer, etc.

Rock climbing at such a young age.  Watch out, you two!!!

Pictures like this just melt my heart!


Stopping for some snackin...

And some smoochin...

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