Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Connor!

Well, I have been off the blogging bandwagon for a while.  My last post was about Isabelle's birthday in July, so how appropriate that I start up again with a post about Connor's birthday!  Our little guy turned 2 and we had a nice party with friends and family.  Here are some pics.

Connor has the same thing every morning for breakfast.  He's super picky, so I couldn't do any sort of fun breakfast and break his routine.  :-)  Loves his yogurt, while watching a morning show!

His favorite snacks for the party--goldfish, Chewy Chips Ahoy, and applesauce pouches.

My buddy with his "little boy" haircut.  Thank you Grandma Seal for the awesome t-shirt!

After his 6th cookie (and the party hadn't even started yet!) we decided to put them away.  He was a man obsessed!!!

A family pic where everyone's eyes are opened and somewhat looking in the direction of the camera.  I'll take it!  Thank you Katya for the birthday balloons!!!

We have been practicing singing happy birthday for a few weeks, and he did great at the party trying to blow out the candle!

"How dare you remove the cake from my presence in order to cut me a slice!!!!!"

Meme helped Connor eat his cake.  Well, she tried but he insisted on doing it himself.

It wouldn't be a Barto birthday without a pinata.  Although Isabelle tried and tried, she could not convince me that Connor really wanted a Minnie Mouse pinata.  He got a treasure chest filled with Smarties and DumDums.

Jack was very concerned that Connor was going to take his pinata treat bag.

Our friends from Connor's school were able to come to the party.  Here I am with Ashley (Walker's mom), and Katya, Alex, and Nastasia.

Connor and Walker getting to play together outside of school!  It was so cute to see.

Capturing a split second where they were both sitting at the table together.  Love it.

Meme and Poppy, with cousin Fiona and the kiddos.  Meme got everyone silly hats!

His favorite present.  Thanks, Meme!

Silly boy after his nap!

Connor with all of his presents.  Thanks everyone!!

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