Friday, March 12, 2010

Isabelle Is Growing Up!

Our little girl is growing up!
Isabelle is now getting her two bottom teeth. It is causing her some pain, but she is handling it pretty well. Also, she is saying Da-Da all the time! We talk about Dada ALL DAY LONG while he is a work. We also get a Ma-Ma mixed in there, but we're on a 90/10 split of how often she says Dada vs. Mama. It's hard to come to grips that my once tiny baby is now old enough to actually say words!
She is on a pretty good schedule, gets up at 7 am, gets 4 big bottles of milk each day plus 3 solid meals of veggies/fruit/cereal, and two to three naps, and then is in bed by 7 pm. As for new foods: I've tried giving her yogurt but it makes her gag. :-) We will venture into meats next month I think. I have tried giving her cereal puffs, but there's a problem. I have born a baby that does not like to put things in her mouth. Does this even exist???? The only thing she puts in her mouth are her fingers/hands/feet. She refuses to hold her bottle or the sippy cup, does not mouth her toys, and certainly will not put cold teething rings in there! She also does not like to have her hands touched. This makes it problematic when I try to grab her hand to SHOW her how to put things in her mouth, like food! Also, if you try to put something in her mouth she doesn't want, she zips her lips so tight I don't think a wrench could open it. Oh, our little Isabelle sure is something!
She loves playing in her jumperoo, and has started to roll over from her back to her tummy--but only on her own terms! I know she can roll both ways (I've seen her do it), she just doesn't want to have anything to do with it. She can sit well, and holds on to furniture while standing if I put her that way. She is pretty far off from crawling and pulling up on things I think.
So here we go with some recent pictures:
I am finally able to get her in these pretty party dresses that have been hanging in her closet since I was PREGNANT! Even though we don't have many fancy things to go to, I've started putting her in dresses for regular occasions like visiting friends. Here are some shots of her "all dolled up!"

We recently went to Loew's for a few things, and decided to try putting her in the shopping cart for the first time. It lasted about 15 minutes, and then the back arching began. I think we need another month or so before she is really sturdy. But the shopping cart cover worked great, and she loved getting pushed around.

I get together every week with Amanda and Tori for mommy/baby playdates. Since the weather has been nicer, we are going on walks and taking the kids to the park. We are almost to the age where they will start playing together!

I recently made a big batch of blueberry puree for Isabelle. I mix them in with apples, mangos, and pears. She loves them! But, it is impossible for her to eat blueberries without getting what I call the "Blueberry Beard."

Every couple of weeks, I go through her closet and drawers to make sure we are wearing all of her outfits, as to not miss out on anything. I have been doing pretty good, but the other day found this precious pink dress with matching bonnet--in a 3 month size. Dang! Missed the boat on that one, but I put the bonnet on her anyway and got a very cute picture of her.

Here she is on her favorite couch spot, grabbing those sweet little feet!!!

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  1. Corrie she is too cute!!! We are going through the exact same things with Kaden. He wont hold his bottle, always sayd DaDa and sometimes MaMa, and will not put food in his mouth!! Also, my stubborn baby will not sit up on his own. NOt that he cant, he just doesnt want to. Grrr...