Friday, April 6, 2012

A Fun Month

Hello! It's April already--how is that possible? March was full of fun in this house, and thought I would share a few pictures of the kids.

Matching Jammies: Oh boy. Well, at Christmas time I got them matching reindeer jammies. And for any of you that have a toddler and a baby, you know how it is--the big kid is always wanting what the little one has. So, Isabelle kept asking for matching jammies, and I obliged and got several pairs on clearance at Target (boy ones--I wouldn't feel right putting Connor is pink jammies, but okay with putting Isabelle in blue ones...haha). To this day, they still wear matching ones every night. It is hilarious. Here is a photo of them:

Here is Connor laughing at me as I pretend to throw a goldfish in the air and catch it in my mouth. He thought it was just as funny as when I do it for real! Just love him!!!

Activity time! So I am obsessed with this blog called No Time For Flash Cards. I swear the lady that writes it is a genius at thinking of activities at home, and she is WAY more involved with playing with her kids than I ever am! But here are my attempts.

Exhibit A: Easter Egg Letter Game. You put magnet letters in eggs, and as they open them you ask what the letter is and think of words that start with that letter. I took it up a notch and put miniature marshmallows in some of the eggs, too. This was a hit! Please notice the matching jammies. :-)

Exhibit B: Finger painting with yogurt. Get plain yogurt and mix in a drop or two of food coloring. Dip your finger in and paint!

Exhibit C: Finger painting with actual paint. Messy. But fun. Don't ask why she's not wearing pants. I'm not really sure.

Exhibit D: Glowing Easter Eggs! Get large plastic eggs and small glow sticks. Crack the glow sticks and place them inside the egg and watch them glow! I couldn't get a good shot of this, but you can see how they are glowing. It was hard though because every time I got an egg put together, Connor immediately opened it.

Fun in the sun! It's been in the 70s and 80s alot, so we've been outside a lot. I put the tarp down for some sprinkler/splash table time and invited our neighbor Chase over. We have since added a baby pool to the tarp as well. It's fun to slip and slide on, and the kids don't get as grassy.

Messy boy! I realized I had never gotten a shot of Connor all messy after he eats. This is probably because the kid refuses to eat pretty much anything, so we end up feeding him yogurt and goldfish all the time. Kind of hard to get messy with those. He will eat black beans every now and again, so here he is after a particularly delicious session with some.

Both kids got their first haircuts at the end of February. Isabelle insisted that Connor go first. He was not a fan. But sure looks precious in his little blue cape!

Isabelle was a trooper. I mean, who wouldn't be when you are treated to your favorite television show, a lollipop, and a pretty pink cape to wear? Here she is after the cut get her hair blow dried. Hilarious!!!

After this weekend I will get some Easter pics posted. Have a blessed day, and rejoice in our risen Lord!!!! Happy Easter!

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