Thursday, August 11, 2011

Isabelle "Snowcone" Barto

Isabelle has a new love, and its name is the Scallywag's Pirate Boat Shaved Ice Stand. This boat is parked near our house, and she talks about it non-stop!!! Today we took her for a treat (well, we take her at least two times a week...) The owners know us now, this is how much we go! It really is a neat snow cone place, and she already has her favorite--yellow (banana) and red (strawberry) swirled together. She calls it ice cream cone, even though I try to correct her and say snow cone.

Here is Brendan holding Isabelle. Today we couldn't get too close because bees have taken over and are swarming the outside.

Here she is pointing at the lady on the boat. At first from a distance she thought it was Jesus, as she does slightly resemble him on the cross from far away. :-)


Mmmmm....whether slurping from a straw, being fed by Daddy, or eating with a spoon, it is always delicious!!!!!!!!!

And now for some other photos of the family.

Gosh, could he be any cuter? He definitely is a Daddy's boy and always smiles and laughs with him.
Pretzels and nutella (a fave snack instituted by Grandma) is such a fun thing to eat, and wonderfully messy!

"Yes, I am 6 months old and can drink from a straw cup!"

Sweet boy growing so fast!
This is a photo of "snack picnic," an activity I recently created. She thinks it is so much fun to eat on her blanket, and I must agree!

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