Monday, August 22, 2011

My Buddies...

Isabelle is sure lucky to have two of the best friends she could ask for, Luke ("Guke") and Douglas ("Dougie"). We play with them very frequently. Playdates with them started right after they were born. At first us Mommies would get to watch tv while they laid on the floor, rocked in the swing, or slept. Now our playdates are full of activity, and pretty soon Luke and Douglas with both have a sibling, too!!! We try to get out and do fun things, so here are a few pics from the last couple of weeks.

Here we are at Luke's neighborhood pool.

Enjoying a snack break!

Ready to head home in the fun red wagon! We love our buddy Luke so much!

Dougie and Isabelle got to go to the park a couple of weeks ago when it was only in the 90's for one day! It felt so good to get out of the house to play outside, and we are really looking forward to the fall when we can go to park each and every day.

Could these smiles be any cuter? These two have so much fun!

Riding the grasshopper together...

Swinging time usually only lasts a couple of minutes. I wish it lasted longer, but who wants to swing when you could run around like a crazy person on the playground?

Here is a pic from playtime at our house the other day. The kids (that's our friend Madeline) hopped on the couch to watch Barney, and it did not take long for Isabelle and Dougie to start hugging and wrestling!

We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends. Not only are the kids blessed to have each other, us as parents are so grateful to have one another to experience parenthood together! More to come soon!

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